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By Prettify, posted on October 31, 2013

There are so many cool and exciting fashion events in the UK, but none of them come close to London Fashion Week. This is one of the four international fashion occasions that everyone looks forward to all year. Along with Paris, Milan and New York, it is the time when fashion designers show all their best and most enticing new creations.

It’s full of catwalk shows, photography events, fashion films, interviews and all sorts of other amazing displays. The great thing about London Fashion Week is that it has absolutely everything. Whilst we special in leg wear, there are all sorts at this event that you can enjoy and it’s a great opportunity to get a lot of inspiration for your outfits.

So what exciting things did we see at this year’s London Fashion Week? Two designers that we worked with in the past were featuring their new collections there, on the same day.

Henry Holland and Mark Fast had their very own catwalk shows on Saturday and debuted some stunning new designs. Mr Holland has worked with one of the world’s most respected leg wear companies, Pretty Polly.

Pretty Polly was one of the first people to ever produce leg wear in the UK and in the world. They have an incredible legacy and they partnered with Henry Holland a few years ago to create some of the most original and exciting pieces of leg wear we’ve ever seen. At London Fashion Week, Henry Holland released a brand new range that was just as exciting and evocative as all his others with more variety than ever before.

Mark Fast has been a featured designer at another UK leg wear company for a few seasons now. Mr Fast designs some incredible fashion tights for Jonathan Aston, a brand that’s been loved by the British public for their creative leg wear designs for a very long time. His speciality is crocheted clothing, which was the whole theme of his catwalk show at London Fashion Week this year.
There were plenty of other designers that made some astounding impressions at London Fashion Week this year, like the always brilliant Tom Ford and the genius Vivienne Westwood. It is one of the most exciting events on the fashion calendar and if you can ever get tickets to go yourself, we can’t recommend it highly enough.

If you love fashion and want to go to one of the UK’s big events, then make room in your schedule and make your way to Britain’s capital from wherever you might be. It’s always well worth the trip and an experience to remember.

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