Prettify is partnering with Le Bourget tights

By Prettify, posted on February 1, 2013

Dear Prettifiers! The oldest French brand Le Bourget is now working with Prettify. We are looking forward to this exciting collaboration.

Prettify-Team tightened the relationship with Le Bourget and made a small interview about their quality control processes at the Salon International de Lingérie. We discovered that all Le Bourget products undergo a manual examination process and a lot of quality finishes. It goes without saying that all the products are designed and produced in France - the country of fashion. To ensure the success Le Bourget has its own research division and a big designer team, who analyses the needs of customers and latest fashion trends.

At Prettify we care very much about the highest quality of products. This famous brand will be a perfect contribution to our philosophy and a great value for our customers. Already now we are planning to visit Le Bourget factory to learn more about production processes and quality controls. We will try to create a nice photo reportage so that you can also benefit and learn more about this brand.

Le Bourget is the oldest french brand, established in 1924; it has been the main innovator of different technologies used widely today in hosiery business, for example, the first nylon tights in 1949. The traditional french brand cares very much about the quality, elegance and fashion.

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