Autumn/Winter 2012/13 Trend: Holey Tights!

By Kristina, posted on October 19, 2012

One of the prominent trends on catwalk divas' legs this season are fishnet, torn, knit tights – anything holey. And what a lucky trend it is! Not only is it versatile, but also practical: these tights are almost impossible to destroy – another little hole would just accentuate the look.

You can wear the trend in a wide range of situations: be it an elegant ensemble to which nude fishnets would add a delicate feminine touch (as in Oscar de la Renta), mysterious femme fatale black fishnets for day and night alike worn alone or on top of knee highs with statement shoes to create a punk look (as in Vivienne Westwood) or knit and torn tights matched with an otherwise demure outfit (e.g. with a black dress like in Vivienne Westwood's collection) or a rocking combination of colours and fabrics (as in Fendi and Roberto Cavalli) – it's your pick!

City streets are always inspiring. Torn tights stopped being a sign of negligence and instead became a part of a hip look quite some time ago and black fishnets on top of bright-coloured tights worn with a striped warmer are just an example of limitless possibilities for your creativity and self-expression!

Tights in a Street of Brussels

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Oscar de la Renta pink outfit:

Oscar de la Renta black fishnets:

Vivienne Westwood white dress:

Roberto Cavalli:


Vivienne Westwood black dress:

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