QooQoo Knee-Print Leggings for Courage

By Kristina, posted on August 13, 2012

Remember QooQoo - we have shared our raptures over its transparent Navy Phanthom and Polar Nymph. Since then, QooQoo has created more leggings, dresses and even bathing suits for your creative minds and brave bodies. We want to yet again present you with another kind of leggings that this inventive brand has produced.

What do you think of this - a more classical QooQoo piece, called Bear Date?

Yes, it is what it says it is: you can see one bear on each of the thighs with their arms stretched towards each other, so sometimes they meet on a date:) Alyona Bauska, the mastermind of QooQoo and these statement leggings, told us the inspiration for them was her friend's toy bear: "I loved the bear so much, I decided to make him a real QooQoo bear. So wearing the Bear Date leggings you can let your imagination flow... How have both bears met? Will they meet again? Take cute bears for a walk and ask them!". Indeed, we are tempted to, and you?

And this is not the only model featuring the cutest knee-print - here is another one - Anonymous Bear. Or - as seen latest on Facebook - Punky Fish.
Anonymous Bear and Punky Fish

As you can see from the pictures, these leggings look great with a loose tee or an mini dress (to show off the knees, of course!). You can buy Bear Date and Anonymous Bear on QooQoo website for 40 euros (also check out the QooQoo category on Prettify), for which you get high quality one-of-a-kind item made just for you locally. Punky Fish have apparently been on sale only in the Bonera Mini Market mentioned on their Facebook page so far - looking forward to getting them online soon enough!

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