QooQoo's Transparent Underwater Tale Around Your Legs

By Kristina, posted on July 31, 2012

Our target are those wonderful colored leggings for women produced by QooQoo - the label created by the graphic designer Alyona Bauska who once decided to put her graphics into fashion and has been selling on Etsy since mid-2010 (by the way check what we've got on stock here). Today - only less than 2 years on - Alyona is the holder of the Latvian Style and Fashion Award 2010 and her creations (QooQoo handmade leggings, other clothing and even watches with bold prints) are being sold in a number of online stores, including her own. They have made an impression on the tattoo artist Kat von D and have conquered many more people's hearts and legs by now!

Navy Phantom and Polar Nymph are the beauties that we have instantly fallen in love with and that you see in the photos. They are featured in the collection "Pool of Venus" and introduce transparent leggings made using a delicate flock technique "to create unique compositions manually applied on textile. It's a playful process that results in a customized long lasting garment with a pattern having a nice velvety texture. This velvet touch is due to flock being recycled, textiles blended and melted together! Textile on textile!", says the designer assistant Laura Šilinska who helped with the transparent leggings and thus bring up another dimension of QooQoo's identity.

And there's more to it than techniques and aesthetics of tattoo-like signs wandering on a transparent misty blue or white in harmony of their own. Intertwined classical tattoos, alchemy and hobo signs - all make up two underwater tales around the sea-inspired Pool of Venus collection - Navy Phantom and Polar Nymph.

Polar Nymph

"Navy Phantom is a mysterious dark world of the Ink Man - the octopus. Ink drops, underwater seahorse love and alchemy symbols remind of the fight of good and bad, love and hate, material and spiritual. Love is evil."

"Polar Nymph is an ice cold underwater love story between polar seals and other Arctic creatures. It's their adventures and secrets of deep waters", Laura plunges us into the Neptunian fantasy...

Both pieces create somewhat ferocious, yet gorgeous look. And not only you wear soft, hand-made one-of-a-kind tights, you also wear a story and maybe take part in it, too!

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